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Philosophy of eyebrows

Professional development for working eyebrow masters

Advantages of the course

  • The course will inspire you;
  • You will learn to earn more;
  • Begin to understand your customers better;
  • Learn all about the color of paints and henna;
  • Learn new eyebrow techniques;
  • Feel the philosophy of Nikk Mole’s eyebrows;
  • A set of brows as a gift;
  • Join Nikk Mole’s private brow club;
  • Browist’s notebook with theoretical materials.

Course program:


  • Promotion on Instagram. Creation of a portfolio of the master.
  • Pricing. How to raise the cost of services.
  • Attraction of new clients.
  • Types of clients. Psychological aspects of working with clients.
  • Analysis of various brands of dyes. Influence of the Oxidant on the paint.
  • Parsing the PH of dyes. Coloristics of Dyes. Color swatches of paints.
  • Detailed coloring of Nikk Mole paints. Working with the color slider.
  • Reconstruction of problem eyebrows.
  • Differences between the compositions of Henna and Paints.
  • Colors of Henna Ekko Beauty.
  • Swatch henna Ekko Beauty. Mixes of shades.
  • UGT (level of depth of tone), structure and stages of hair growth.
  • Emotional burnout of the master, what to do when you lose heart.

Demonstration on 2 models

  • Preparation of eyebrows for coloring. Working with leather.
  • Skin types and proper cleansing. Analysis of means for cleansing eyebrows.
  • Building the shape of the eyebrows White Original BROW PASTE.
  • Formula for constructing eyebrow symmetry – 13 Nikk Mole anchor points.
  • Eyebrow dyeing with Nikk Mole paint. Ways to get the right shade.
  • Author’s technique of air coloring Nikk Mole.
  • How not to darken a hair in coloring.
  • Eyebrow correction with Nikk Mole Wax. Eyebrow shaping with tweezers.
  • Thinning of eyebrows. Eyebrow trimming – pros and cons.
  • Eyelash dyeing using Nikk Mole technology.
  • SPA for eyebrows Nikk Mole Glossy Gold. Eyebrow nourishment and hydration. Eyebrow care.
  • Restoration of damaged Eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow modeling with Glossy Gold paste.
  • Eyebrow tinting with Henna Ekko Beauty. Henna eyebrow dyeing techniques.
  • Emphasis on the clarity of the lines. Soft shading of the base of the eyebrows.
  • Fixation of henna color. Ways to get the right shade.
  • Presentation of certificates.
  • Photo session with a diploma.

For practice, we provide 1 model for each student. All necessary materials are provided.

Course duration 1 day from 10:00 to 19:00

As a gift, each student receives a Nikk Mole Browist Set (the set includes the necessary brushes: a brush for dyeing eyebrows with paint and henna, a brush for Eyebrow paste and Concealer, brushes for combing eyebrows, a container for dye, 2 tweezers (sterile), branded peignoir).



Course cost in a group

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Individual course cost

(the course is taught by the Leading teacher of the academy).

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Happy Students

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Lauren Vujanovich

Tati is the best! I’ve been seeing her for about 2 years and I always leave her place feeling more beautiful every time! She is such a force of positivity and so talented at what she does! My eyelashes last for such a long time and I get so many compliments on my eyelashes. Especially on my wedding day Tati made my eyelashes even more beautiful than ever! I felt so beautiful thanks to Tati and her gorgeous work!

Anna Sadykova

This place has it all: professional eyelash makers, top quality products, great customer service. Best eyelashes you can get in the Chicagoland area. Tati is a true artist who knows her work well. I can’t get enough of my eyelashes and makeup. They are perfect! Also, she always makes me feel comfortable and welcomed.
Highly recommended!

Carissa Delgado

So obsessed with my lashes every time! Tati is your go-to girl! She listens to what you like and want. I have never been disappointed! Not only is she great at her job she is a great human being inside and out!

Stephanie Azen

Had my makeup done for a speaking event by Tati! She is so talented. She did everything I asked her to do! I felt and looked amazing. She was prompt and professional. I would recommend her to anybody!