Sugaring Services

Full Bikini$40.00
Brazilian Bikini$55.00
Bikini ( clean up outside the lines )$25.00
Ingrown Hair Extractions$15.00
Chemical Peel$20.00
Inner Thigh$15.00
Butt Cheeks$15.00
Full Arms$35.00
Half Arms$25.00
Full Legs$70.00
Low Legs$45.00
Upper Legs$45.00
Full Stomach$30.00
Full Back$40.00
Half Back$20.00
Upper Lip$15.00

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Questions about Sugaring

Hair removal does not have to be painful and unpleasant. Although the traditional method of waxing to remove hair is very effective, it can be painful and cause some skin irritation. Sugaring is an alternative method for removing hair that has been practiced for a very long time. If it is done right, there is less pain, and is gentler on the skin.


What is Sugaring?


Rumor has it that sugaring has been in use for removing hair since the ancient Egyptian days when Cleopatra herself used it in order to keep her body smooth and free of unwanted hair. Instead of heating up wax to create a soft sticky substance, the ancients used a sugar solution that did not need heat and was simple to create.

The sugaring compound is made out of three basic ingredients:

– Sugar
– Water
– Lemon


When these three components are combined together in just the right proportions the end result is a smooth, sticky paste that is easily applied to the skin. With the help of an experienced beauty professional to strategically place the sugaring compound, the hair can be removed quickly and with minimal discomfort.

Tati’s Studio has extensive knowledge when it comes to sugaring and the best ways to apply it to the skin. Our technique will ensure a fantastic, and beautiful end result.


Preparing the Skin for Sugaring


Prepping the skin for the paste is crucial in order to make sure that the skin does not become irritated, and to ensure that the hair will come out without having to use excessive force. It is common practice to apply a skin cleanser to remove any dirt or other material from the skin that would hinder the sugar paste from being effective.

Once the cleanse has been done, a little bit of lotion will be applied to the area where the sugaring will take place. After the lotion will come a little sprinkle of talcum powder.

Once the preparation has been completed, the beauty professional will gently apply the sugaring paste and get the process started. 


Applying the Sugaring Paste


The sugaring paste will be applied against the natural direction of the hair growth. What that means is that when the professional applies the paste they will smooth it over the skin in a way that pushes the hair in the opposite direction from the way it grows.

If you look at the way that hair grows on the arm, or the leg you will see that it naturally grows downward, or away from the top of the limb, towards the fingers or toes. When the paste is applied it pushes against growth and pulls it away from the skin.

Applying the paste in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair will help to lessen the amount of force needed in order to remove the hair. Since the hair is already pulled away from the skin it makes it easier to pull out when the time comes.


Pulling the Sugaring Paste


When the beauty professional pulls the paste away from the skin, it will be in the opposite direction that the paste was applied. Where the paste is applied in the opposite direction of the natural growth of the hair, the paste will be removed in the natural direction that the hair grows.

The difference between a sugaring session that is great and a sugaring session that is not so effective is the method that the beauty professional uses to implement the sugaring session. If it is not done correctly, there will be more pain and discomfort than necessary. 

When the paste is pulled away from the skin in the correct direction it ensures that the hair will come out by the root as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

The end result is a smooth and lustrous skin surface that is free from irritation and won’t result in ingrown hairs.

No burning, no ripping, just a nice clean smooth result that will last. 


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