Eyelash Extension

We are a full service eyelash studio providing professional eyelash extension.

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Classic eyelash extensions$100
Hybrid eyelash extensions$110
Volume eyelash extensions$120
Mega volume eyelash extensions$140
Eyelash removal$25
Classic extensions fill 10-20 days$65
Classic extensions fill 21-30 days$75
Hybrid extensions fill 10-20 days$70
Hybrid extensions fill 21-30 days$80
Volume extensions fill 10-20 days$75
Volume extensions fill 21-30 days$85
Mega volume extension fill 10-20 days$90
Mega volume extension fill 21-30 days$100

Tatiana Maximciuc

From beautiful to fabulous

I went into the makeup field when I discovered that I was
allergic to eyelash glue.
What was once a hobby is now my passion!
I’ve been trained by some of the most successful makeup artists in the world, and I love passing on what I’ve learned with others. Come see us at Tati’s Studio soon!

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