Eyelash Extensions

01. How do I remove eyelash extensions?

The safest way for you to remove your eyelash extensions is to make an appointment and have one of our professionals remove them for you. If you have to remove the eyelash extensions yourself, it is recommended that you use high-quality oil such as virgin coconut or virgin olive oil. Using a cotton pad, simply apply a small amount of the oil on your upper lash line where the extensions mesh with the lashes. Allow it to sit for several minutes. Use the same oiled pad to swipe the lash extensions forward. The extensions should easily break free of the lashes and stick to the pad.

02. Can you wear makeup with eyelash extensions?

If you apply makeup near where your eyelashes are, it is best to use products that are not oil-based. The oil in the makeup will break down the glue that holds the extensions in place and cause them to fall off.

03. Can you use eye drops with eyelash extensions?

You should not use eye drops during the first few hours before or after the extensions are attached. The glue that holds the extension to the lash will break down and not properly bond. It is recommended to avoid using eye drops with extensions, however, if you must use them be sure to apply the drops carefully and wipe away any excess before it has a chance to touch the glued area.

04. How do you avoid red eyes after getting lash extensions?

The best way to avoid getting red eyes from applying lash extensions is to make certain that the professional that is applying the extensions is careful and knows what they are doing. Sometimes people are allergic to the glue that attaches the extensions to the eyelashes. If you are allergic to the glue, or any of the other products that you come into contact with during the procedure, your eyes will most likely redden. If your eyes remain red after 48 hours, or they become excessively uncomfortable, it is best to contact a health care professional and get them checked out.

05. How do you take off makeup with lash extensions?

Make sure to use a safe oil-free makeup remover solution. You can dab a small amount of the remover to a cotton pad, or dip a lash comb into the solution and gently swipe, or comb away any makeup that is stuck to the lashes. Avoid excess moisture on the glued area of the extensions.

Lash Tint

01. How long does lash lift and tint last?

Depending on the quality and the skill of the professional that performs the procedure, a lash lift and tint will usually last between six and eight weeks.

02. How long do a lash lift and tint take to have done?

It can take between 40 and 60 minutes for the lash lift, and an additional 30 or 35 minutes for tint.

03. What is a lash lift and tint?

A lash lift and a lash tint are two different processes that are done together as one treatment. A lash lift is a process that uses a solution to make the lashes grow upwards and straight so that they appear to be longer and fuller. The tinting process makes the lashes look darker and fuller, kind of like dying hair.

04. Can you wear mascara with a lash tint?

If you have to wear mascara after you get a lash tint it is most likely that the procedure was done incorrectly. The whole reason for a lash tint is to give the lashes a fuller look without having to apply mascara. Yes, you can wear mascara after a tint, but you should not have to.

05. Is lash tinting safe?

There are risks involved with lash tinting. If your cosmetic professional uses products on your eyelashes that are substandard and carelessly manufactured the odds of you obtaining an eye injury are substantially high. Make sure that the person that you trust to apply the dye that will go on your lashes is well-qualified to do so and that they use products that will not harm you.


01. What is the training policy?

For your initial training class, the payment should be made on the scheduled class date. You must cancel your registration within 48 hours of your payment in order to receive a full refund. Class fees are non-refundable after the period listed above.

02. What is included in the kit?

I understand and agree that the class and contents of the Starter Kit are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE after attending the class and receiving goods.


01. What payment method do you use?

American Express, Apple Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa and Discovery.


01. How to use our products?

Prior to using our products, please ensure that you have read and understand all the directions on the product label, so that you will be able to apply the product correctly.

02. What are shipping terms?

We are a small company and make all our products to order especially for you here. This is something we take pride in and we will always be open and honest if it will take us a little longer to fulfil your order especially at busier periods.